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Lotte Jakobsen, CFO

“We’re much more agile and better at making project decisions”.

Lea Krag Fogh
Director of Operations

”We’d have to hire an extra full time financial controller had it not been for Deep Dive WorkBook”.

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Lotte Jakobsen is the CFO at Hjaltelin Stahl – a leading Copenhagen cross media advertising bureau with about a hundred employees.

“I can access our financials 24/7. With just a few clicks I can review the circulation across all our four companies – right down to the individual project or project manager. For us it’s an essential tool. We’re much more agile and better equipped to make project decisions”, says Lotte Jakobsen.

Deep Dive WorkBook (Wb) is a Business Intelligence reporting tool build on top of the company’s project, customer and finance management system – a WorkBook solution.

Lotte Jakobsen conveys that she ‘has looked at a ton of systems’.

“Deep Dive WorkBook is the best by far. It really takes care of our reporting requirements. And that’s the way it should be. I need one system that does it all”, says the CFO.

Deep Dive WorkBook enables authorized personnel from all departments of Hjaltelin Stahl to zoom in on financial data regarding the individual project or project manager. You can also expand your view and gradually stretch it across departments or all the four companies that fashion Hjaltelin Stahl.

“We have to keep a close track of what goes on financially – and it’s very easy, cause the figures almost generate themselves – at least from the minimum input”, says Lotte Jakobsen.

Lea Krag Fogh, who is the Director of Operations adds that Wb saves a lot of administration.

“We no longer spend much time digging up the numbers. We analyse and act on them instead. We’d have to hire an extra full time financial controller had it not been for Deep Dive WorkBook”, says Lea Krag Fogh.

Both executives use the system every day. All executives use it and so does the Client Service Managers (Account Managers) for whom it has also become a metric for internal competition. Who is the top dog generating the highest gross profit this month? Who has worked at the highest hourly rate and so forth.

“We even deal out bonuses based on Wb numbers”, says Lotte Jakobsen.

One of the key benefits using the Deep Dive WorkBook is the ability to apply due diligence and prevent projects derail. From day to day, management is able to spot if a project is running astray.

“You just compare the expected gross margin with the gross margin already realized on all our projects. If something is wrong, you’ll see it immediately. The transparency and the opportunity to lend a hand when needed, saves us a lot of money. It helps us serve our clients better”, says Lotte Jakobsen.

According to the CFO implementation has been very smooth.

“We’ve used Wb for about five years now. It’s incredible the value for money you get compared to the cost of implementation and customization.”

Lotte Jakobsen adds that working with Deep Dive Analytics has been a pleasure through and through.

“Mikkel (CEO in Deep Dive Analytics) fulfills our requests very fast to the smallest detail. He knows the business. We don’t need much explanation for him to figure out the way to do things. I really recommend this company. Solutions are top notch. We’re at the forefront of project management”, finishes the CFO.

Mikkel Sikker Jensen, founder & CEO

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