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Adrian Van Dam
CFO of Lavender

“Deep Dive WorkBook is part of the system that will allow Lavender’s further growth”.

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Adrian Van Dam is very satisfied using Deep Dive WorkBook (Wb) and claims it allows for growth. He is the CFO of Lavender – an Australian market leading advertising agency specialising in Customer Experience (CX).

”Deep Dive WorkBook is a really flexible reporting tool and a great and powerful WorkBook add-on. It’s like a magnifying glass. It gives us the capacity to analyse the resources of our business very fast and efficiently”, says Adrian Van Dam.

Deep Dive WorkBook is a Business Intelligence module implemented on top of the Danish project and resource management system, WorkBook. Adrian Van Dam uses it mainly to find financial information for analysis and controlling of staff performance and job costing.   

”With Deep Dive WorkBook our reporting requirements are well covered. We’ve used it for 9 months and there is only one or two areas of reporting, we still need to develop for the solution to fit our needs completely”, says the CFO.

At Lavender they’re also impressed by the tools allowing for graphic presentation of the data. It’s easy and done in a matter of two or three clicks.

Adrian Van Dam takes care of company finances. He doesn’t seem to consider himself a computer wizard. Still he has no problems using the build in drag and drop functions to create the custom reports he needs.

”Well, I’m 53 and I learned it quite fast. It’s easy to move parameters around and get to the metrics you want to run”, he says.

The CFO had a 2 ½ hour introduction to the software. That was enough to get him started.

Support is an issue when dealing with a BI software supplier from the other site of globe. The time difference between Sydney and Copenhagen is +10 hours.

”Naturally, it’s easier to have a provider living next door – but they’ve managed to give us the support, we need – all done by email and online access to the system. It was never a big deal and they are very responsive”, says Adrian Van Dam.

Lavender didn’t need much support to run the software. Most of the support was given in regards to the more complex WorkBook platform – the stage on which the BI-solution performs.

What the CFO means by saying that Deep Dive WoorkBook allows for growth is, that it is essential in advertising like most businesses to keep track of financial dispositions. The clarity so to speak is a necessary condition for expansion.

”Deep Dive WorkBook is part of the system that will allow Lavender’s further growth to be managed without the need for more systems”, he adds.

He uses Deep Dive WorkBook almost daily.

”Once you have more than 20 – 30 staff, a system like this becomes critical for the analysis of your financial resources”, is Adrian Van Dam’s comment to the line of work he is in.

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